PolypropBanding is ideal for securing bundles, parcels, magazines, regular pallet loads, cardboard boxes and a host of other applications.
Widely used in busy packing departments, industry, transport and retail as a low cost and secure packaging option.Supplied on plastic reels and available in breaking strains from 135kg to 300kg in two widths, polypropylene reels are lightweight, flexible and easy to handle.

Additional advantages of polypropylene strap are that it will resist abrasion, moisture, chemicals, ageing, scuffing and will mould over edges and rough surfaces making it ideal for shipping and export packaging.Simply cut to size and secure with a combination tool and metal seals.

Versatile and Flexible Polyprop Banding

Also known as plastic strapping, polypropylene banding reelis a cheaper product than Steel Strapping and polyester strapping. It is versatile, affordable and easy to use.
Made of polypropylene with special fiber support, polypropylene strapping is robust enough for almost any job and won't rot or rust like another banding.
Polypropylenebandingis ideal for supporting pallets and improving the safety of parcels. This banding doesn’t corrode and resists the scrapes and bumps, so it can be effectively used on pallets that need to be moved over long-distances, or stored for long periods.

Our flexible polypropylene strapping easily moulds to the different shapes and sizes of cartons. They are used in different applications including palletizing, bundling and unitizing.


  • Ideal for heavy, medium and light duty use.
  • Reliable, economical and smooth running.
  • Works with all manufacturers' equipment.
  • Easily bundle corrugated newspapers, boxes, cut paper, and magazines.
  • Better shock absorber than other materials.
  • Ideal for boxing food and pharma products.

An Ultimate Protestation for Your Packages

When packaging products, it’s essential to make sure that they are safe from potential damage.This is why Shrink Wrapping Supplies offers all the food, retail and industrial packaging products that support the behind-the-scenes operations of all businesses at competitive prices. We specialize in offering Polyprop Banding materials to help you protect and reinforce your product packages whether they are in storage or on the way to their destination.

Polypropylene Strapping is a cost effective way to provide optimum safety for your products. It is easily reusable, adjustable and has a unique banding design. We provide different strengths of polypropylene banding reels to cater to your different reinforcement needs.

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  • Banding / Stapping white

    7mm wide x 5000mm Machine Polypropylene Strapping / Banding ( 2 reels minimum order)

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  • 12mm wide x 1300m - Hand Polypropylene Strapping / Banding

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