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How to get the correct machine for your business

Give our expert engineers a quick call, discuss your application, and don't worry if it's unusual, because if it exists, chances are we've wrapped it.
Once you have had an initial call, you can come in for a demo, or if you're already wrapping, get a quote.
That said, whatever stage you're at, we will help you through the whole process, and we can even beat your existing or recent quotes for film too.
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Shrinkwrapping Supplies is a full service, customer-focused packaging supply company based in the United Kingdom. We specialize in a full line of premium shrink wrapping machines, films, tapes, heat tools, and installation supplies for all marine, industrial, transportation, and storage protection applications. Our staff takes pride in our ability to provide customers with the best-in-class Shrink Wrap options and can help you get the most suitable product for your project. With shrink film available in widths upto 60', we are your source supplier for Used and New shrink wrapping, strapping and pallet wrapping machineries. Our range extends from semi automatic machines to manual bench top machines right through to fully automatic lines with collators and feeders.  
Innovative and Reliable Shrink Wrap Supplies

Create a firm protective seal around any product with heat activated shrink film from Shrinkwrapping Supplies. We offer a variety of papers, containers, plastic films, and other products for small hand applications and high-speed machine operations. Our shrink wrapping machines and supplies are available to include I-Bar sealers, L-Bar sealers, handheld heat guns and hand impulse sealers. The products are used to display, cover, secure, fasten and cushion product loads during the storage and transportation.

These polymer plastic film packaging materials are available in different configurations to seal or bundle different types of products. The material can be composed of polyolefin, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or polyethylene.

Our polymer plastic film supplies are used in:

  • Print Finishing, printing industry
  • Specialist Caterers and the food industry
  • Protection for transportation
  • Containment
  • Most other industries, there isn't much that we don't wrap.  

Quality with a Difference!

Shrink wrap machines are used by various industries for packaging or bundling their products. These include paper and printing products, games and sporting goods, hardware, food and house wares, pharmaceuticals, electronics and many other industries.

We specialise in offering a large selection of food packaging and industrial products including shrink film accessories and polyethylene shrink film to a wide range of industries. With an extensive line of material handling products you can safely store, package and ship materials. Our ShrinkWrapping tapes and films are sourced locally and worldwide and are designed for industry requirements and local weather conditions. Choose from a range of shrink films, bags, bands and the right shrink wrap machine for your requirements. Wrap any size package, including pallets, with heat activated polymer plastic film and equipment to protect it during the transportation.

Innovative and Cost EffectiveShrink Wrapping Machines

The foundation of our business is to provide quality shrink wrapping machines and materials at competitive prices. This helps us to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Our technology and capabilities enable us to efficiently service a global market while meeting our customers' changing and ongoing needs. We not only provide Shrink Wrap supplies, but also present insightful blog posts to inform customers of their packaging options and to make informed buying decisions. If you want to know more information about our shrink film supplies, call us at 0161 366 5552.  We would be happy to help provide you with the necessary information to get you the right supplies and equipment.

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