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  • We had called the engineers out to a breakdown on our Chamber Shrink Wrapper, when the repair was completed the engineer suggested that the main problems on our machine were all caused by using film that was poorly manufactured whereby the fumes that condense on contact with metal were leaving a sticky residue which in turn effected the sealing process. They left us a free trial reel of their PVC Shrink Film, there was not only much less fuming but also it turned out much cheaper than the film we were previously using. John, Colour Printers, South Wales

  • We were always having problems sourcing a good quality POLYTHENE SHRINK FILM that we could buy in smaller quantities, it was great to find a company that had it on the shelf, would supply as little as 10 reels at a time and use only virgin polymers to ensure that the film does not stick to our seal bar or tunnel rollers. John, Bottling Plant Owner. Oxford

  • On a recent cost cutting exercise  we needed a reliable supplier  who would deliver on time a pallet of Polyolefin Shrink Film every month, at the time we were purchasing six pallets at a time to secure what we thought was the best price. We were so please to find out that Chris and his team could supply the film not only in smaller quantities but at a substantially lower price than we were paying plus it turned out to be better quality film. Andy, Print Production Manager. Stockport

  • Our usage on Hand Pallet Wrap is up and down, it was refreshing to find a company who would supply us in ones, ten’s or hundreds at the same agreed price, the quality of the wrap is as good as any other. Steve, Logistics Manager, London

  • We recently swapped suppliers for our Machine Pallet Wrap  and now will only use film supplied by SWS, we find it softer so more durable , there is also 1650metres on a roll against the previous 1500 metres so it actually worked out cheaper per metre. Steve, Purchasing Mgr. Glossop

  • Thanks, we are only a small company so it is great to find someone to give us free advice and they were the only people willing to supply just one reel of Polyprop Banding at a time. Margaret, Contract Packer. Warrington

  • If you need spares for your Shrink Wrap machine, Palletwrapper or strapper call these guys .There is nothing that they don’t know. Carl, Maintenance Engineer. Devon

  • The sales staff were excellent, they came in ,viewed our product and discussed our need. We very quickly received a detailed proposal for  manual, semi auto and fully auto Shrink Wrapping Machines. We decided on an auto line and have never looked back. It was’nt as expensive has we thought it would be and its speeded up our despatch and released staff to do other things. Andy, Production Controller, 12 Jars in a try, Co Durham

  • We have a Service Contract that covers our Three Shrink Wrap machines, two Pallet Wrappers and three Strapping machines. You would not believe how much money its saved us in down time, repairs, missing deadlines. And its reduced capital expenditure by extending machine life. G Mason , Bindery Manager Stockport

  • We have had two  fully auto and one semi auto Used Shrink Wrappers from Chris off their ebay store, fantastic value and great engineering back up  Jon, Trade Bakery, Warwick