Why Choose a Service Contract


Why we recommend regular preventative maintenance and service contract visits?

A preventative maintenance and service contract is a contract that an organisation has with a maintenance company. These contracts give the maintenance company the responsibility to take care of the machinery and equipment that the organisation has. The maintenance company then takes care of all the routine checks and maintenance of the machinery. It is also the responsibility of the maintenance company to provide health and safety training to their employees to help them deal with broken or damaged machinery.

The maintenance contracts offered by the maintenance company are often customised according to the type of machinery that the organisation has. The maintenance company is also responsible for providing spare parts to the organisation in case of any breakage to the original parts. They also provide a maintenance plan that has a schedule of their visiting dates and times. However, there are many companies that do not have such maintenance contracts with any maintenance company.

In other cases, organisations are often found complaining about the services of the maintenance companies. Recently, there have been complaints about the irregular visits by the maintenance companies and customer service that they offer. Choosing a right maintenance company is really important for an organisation that relies on heavy machinery. Choosing the right maintenance company will not only help replace broken or damaged parts quicker but can also help take preventive measures to foresee and avoid any damages or faults. A good maintenance company can help in a number of ways such as:

Reducing the chances of downtime

Machines are immensely important for a production plant. A minor problem in the machinery can cause the entire production process in a plant to come to a halt. This can cost the organisation a lot of money and may also delay the product from reaching the market. Therefore, it is important to have regular checks of the machinery to ensure that it runs smoothly. If the machinery is regularly repaired by the maintenance staff, there will be fewer chances of it to stop working or going faulty. Regular maintenance can help detect faults earlier on and can help take preventive measures to ensure that there are no disruptions in the production line.

Reducing capital expenditure

Regularly updating damaged parts can lead to an increased life span of the machinery. This may also reduce the need to replace the machinery before its shelf life is over.


When the maintenance company visits regularly, they will be able to assess the part that needs replacing. They may also offer ongoing discounts on maintenance and spare parts.

Reducing Risk

Maintenance companies have specialists who are experts in repairing and replacing damaged parts. Therefore they know which parts of the machinery are likely to get damaged first. As they know the parts most susceptible to damage they can inform the management of any preventative measure that needs to be taken.

Providing better service

The biggest concern that an organisation has is the satisfaction of their customer. Therefore, it is important that the supply of products to the market is not delayed in any way possible. The only way to ensure this is to have a steady and stable production line that produces products as per schedule. Hence, regular visits by the maintenance company will help tremendously in running your production line smoothly.