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Pallet Wrapping Machines

Shrink Wrapping Supplies is the global leader in the pallet wrapping industry.

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We manufacture a comprehensive range of rugged, durable and highly reliable pallet wrappers to protect your valued products.

Depending on your pallet wrapping needs, we offer fully and semi automatic models in the rotary tower, turntable and orbital configurations.

Robust and Durable Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrapping machines help to improve load stability, reduce waste and hasten the stretch wrap applications. They use stretch film, a highly elastic plastic film that is wrapped around the heavy bulk items or palletized loads like 55-gallon drums.

Its main function is to keep the items from shifting during the transportation process. We offer a range of stretch wrap machines that will improve productivity and the security of the load but for an affordable price.

All our Pallet Wrapping Machines are checked for quality standards and are supplied with a Certificate of Conformity with all the required information and directives.

Benefits of Pallet Wrap Machines:

  • Increased stability of packages or products, forming a unit load
  • Efficient storage and handling of unit loads
  • Moisture and dust protection
  • Package pilferage and tamper resistance

Choosing the ShrinkWrapping Machines

Our line of automatic and semi-automatic pallet wrappers combines innovation and technology into products that deliver results you can count on.Several factors should be considered when buying the pallet wrapping machines for your needs.

These include how much potential growth you are expecting and the number of loads you are wrapping, types of loads to be wrapped, fragile, irregular shapes and more. You should also consider stability, load weight and whether you want a pallet wrapper with a scale.

Following are the different types of Pallet Wrapping machines:

Turntable stretch wrap machines: The most readily used machines rotate the goods as the film is wrapping around the goods. They are used with a forklift and/or manual or motorized pallet jack. Semi-automatic machines are used for less than 30 loads per hour.

Fully automatic machines: If you need to wrap more than 15 loads every day, an automated machine may be the best choice for you. Used with conveyors, these machines are best suited for large warehouses wrapping thousands of pallets every day.

Straddle spiral machines: These machines feature a rotating arm that can wrap the film around the load. These machines are regularly used for fragile, light, unstable pallets and loads that are too heavy for the turntable machines.

Horizontal stretch wrap machines: Horizontal machines use a rotating film carriage that moves around an item as it passes through the horizontal ring. These are usually used for wrapping molding, carpet, doors, windows and other items that can be better wrapped horizontally.

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