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PVC Shrink Film

PVC Shrink Films

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Based on a PVC compound in conforming with both EEC and REACH directives. The PVC Shrink Film is available in a standard 40:40 shrink ratio.
Low shrink is available for use with flimsy products which may curl using a standard shrink material. Anti-static treatment is available if required.

Our wide range of PVC Shrink Wrapswill satisfy all food and non-food packaging requirements and applications. The unbeatable shrink speed at low temperatures permits a higher productivity with additional energy saving advantages.
The transparency and brightness of these shrink films assure an excellent product point of sale presentation. Films are available in thickness ranging from 15 to 38 micron and widths from 50mm to 1260mm, in a single wound or center-folded version for manual and semi automatic machines use.

Reliable and High Performing PVC Shrink Films

As a business owner, you want to make sure that your inventory is constantly kept in the best possible condition. You need to choose a packaging film that will improve the product quality and appearance. Shrink Wrapping Supplies provide a variety of polyolefin shrink films that help to protect your products, from manufacturing all the way until their delivery to the customer.
OurPolymer Plastic Filmsare customized to meet your specific need and to ensure that your products are efficiently sealed and protected.It improves the presentation of your products while protecting against dust and dirt.

The Go-To Sealing Product

Polyolefin Shrink Wrap is considered as the go-to sealing material for a number of industries. A roll of shrink plastic enables you to quickly and safely seal items in a fraction of the time it takes other plastic films.
This makes it far more effective for high volume operations, making it the preferred-most-choice for protecting products ranging from paint trays to CDs to gift baskets and more.
No matter what types of items you have, you can make sure they are protected and sealed against the pollen, dust, and moisture.
Poly Vinyl Chloride Shrink wraps are not only easy to use; they are also very cost effective. They are usually more reasonably priced than the other shrink plastic options, and you can find a range of customizes PVC Shrink Films at Shrink Wrapping Supplies.

Great for Point Of Sale Packaging

PVC shrink films are acknowledged for their high clarity, flat, smooth surface, and highly reflective appearance. They are versatile and perform incredibly well on low, medium and high-speed applications.

Polymer Plastic Filmsneedvery low temperature to shrink. They are ideal for operators who work with 110 volt (low end) shrink tunnels and sealers as well as 220 volt systems. The films are capable of resisting ambient heat in storage and transits.

Suppliers prefer PVC Wraps as they improve the shelf life and are less likely to experience issues with blocking from undesired exposure to sunlight or heat.

FDA compliant for indirect food contact, such films are the topmost choice of food manufacturers, suppliers or processing plants that need to shrink wrap fruit baskets.

If you have any questions about our Poly Vinyl ChlorideFilms, visit our contact us page or click on the live chat button. One of our sales executives will be happy to help you!