Shrink Wrapping Supplies - Price Match Guarantee

We believe in offering the very best in service from start to finish and also the very best price. As everyone knows, you can search the Internet and always find a great deal. We believe that we already offer the best prices around, but in the unlikely event that you find somewhere cheaper than us, then please let us know and we will see if we can match it.

We can price match an item providing:

  • The item is not from an auction website
  • The item is new, unused and not damaged
  • The item is identical to our product
  • The delivery charges are equivalent to those on

You will need to contact us to arrange a price match on an item. Price match is only available up until the time of purchase and is at the sole discretion of Shrink Wrapping Supplies Ltd

If we can help deciding which machine is most suitable for your requirements do not hesitate to ask