Polyolefin Shrink Wrap 25 Micron

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  • 25 micron thick Polyolefin heat shrink film
  • Centre folded on the roll at varying widths
  • Offers excellent clarity, ideal for retail facing products
  • Contains a compound to make it suitable for food products, contains no DOP, DINP or DBP
  • To be used with a shrink film system (available on the SWS website)
  • Requires a heat source to seal it securely around products

Polyolefin shrink film - our most popular shrink film. These rolls are centre folded - the roll width is half the size of the actual film (once it has been unrolled).

To be used in conjunction with a shrink film system (requires a suitable heat source).

This film is produced in a multi-layer system using a special compound suitable for food packaging and other applications. It is also environmentally friendly.

The size of the core of each roll of our Polyolefin film is 76mm.

  • Free from DOP, DINP and DBP (all banned in food contact films)
  • Super strong seal
  • High clarity
  • Rapid shrinkage time
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