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Pallet Wrap

Hand Held & Machine Pallet Wrapping Solutions

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Light-weight but very strong, our machine pallet stretch wrap film is an economic solution for all pallet wrapping machinesapplications. Machine rolls are clear, weighs 15kg, 1650 metres long 20 micron 500mm wide.

Our pallet wrap manufacturers in U.K also supply hand-held extended core wrap which will allow the user an easier application, and the extended core pallet wrap roll has literally an extended middle section for ease of use.

Shrink Wrapping Supplies, can supply, Black shrink wrap for security purpose, Blue Pallet Wrap mainly used in Food, and Clear Pallet Wrap for all types of wrapping. Machine Pallet Wrap is also available. 

All of our films are held on site, and we can ship to you direct, buying in bulk also saves you time and money. Need advice on which film to buy, no problem, call our Customer Service line on 0161 366 5552

The differences between each type of shrink wrap and which is best suited for your packaging requirements are listed below with relevant links to take you direct to our product ranges.

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Pallet wrap is a reusable alternative to the plastic stretch films. It is made from heavy-duty mesh, canvas, plastic or other materials.

Often quicker and easier to install and remove than the plastic stretch film, pallet decrease the costs for not reusable stretch wrap, disposal and labor. They offer outstanding product protection and usually last from 1-5 years.

Save time un-wrapping and wrapping pallets with our reusable pallet wraps. Pallet Wrap's disposable stretch film alternatives decrease the waste and time required to stage pallets for the stretch film wrapping.

Pallet Wrapping Machines & Pallet Covers

Also known as Clear Stretch film, Pallet Wrap is ideal for protecting products in the pallet and pallet loads.

It also easily caters to the different bundling requirements and can be applied by both Machine rolls and Manual / Hand rolls for the automated wrappers.

For Closed Loop Systems

  • Breathable pallet wrapper
  • Secure and stabilize your shipments
  •  Prevent load shifting caused from using stretch film
  • Cut the cost of stretch and shrink wrap waste removal
  • Operate at temperature -40F to +180F

For Warehouse Stock Transfer

  • Heavy duty weather resistant mesh
  • Better protection will reduce the cost and use of shrink wrap and stretch film
  • Suitable for industrial equipment and tools, paper and postal printing, medical, beverage, injection molding and pharmaceutical applications

For Storage Purposes


  • Custom windows for invoices
  • Consistent force on the load
  • Save time while wrapping and unwrapping pallets
  • Ergonomically friendly to lessen workman's comp problems
  • Avoid the damages while wrapping and unwrapping stretch film
  • Decrease the quantity of petroleum based stretch film into our landfills

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